Tickets Checkout – BellMedia Promotional Ticket Redemption

Congratulations on winning tickets to Vancouver Horror Nights, we’re excited for you! Use this checkout, together with your redemption code, to select your COVID-19 Safe virtual queue arrival time and be issued your tickets.

You must arrive within 15 minutes of this arrival time to enter the queue. We recommend arriving early and enjoying our food and bar service while you wait. Limited seating is available.

We do REQUIRE MASKS when inside the attraction and when in line (even if it is short).

You can book for as many guests as you would like to bring, but only 6 people may stand together in the queue. If you have more than that in your party, you must stand at the next marker and social distance. Let’s all do our part to keep each other safe.

Only 4 guests are permitted through the maze at a time to ensure everyone has a spooky time. Don’t worry, your friends will be right behind you … at least… you hope it’s your friends! Muhahaha!