The Top Things You Need to Know

- Our terrifying BLACKOUT Maze runs every WEDNESDAY and has been enhanced for 2021. It's Scary, and Very Popular
- We run most days in October, rain or shine
- You select your own arrival time to reduce lines
- You will only enter the maze with your group, groups of any size can book, but only 6 guests are allowed to enter the maze at one time (your friends will be right behind you)
- We do not mix groups -- you will enter the house with only the people you bring with you
- Everyone (including you) must wear masks in the line and inside the attraction unless you've been fully vaccinated against COVID-19
- You must have 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine and your Vaccine Passport, along with photo ID if you're over 17 to access our attraction
- You will not be touched and should not touch any actors or props

As low as $30 per Person

Buy Tickets: 604-944-4488

Scary-Safe: Our COVID-19

With our Scary-Safe COVID-19 Plan, we've ensured our guest's safety with rigorous cleaning of the attraction, virtual queues with timeslot arrival, and food areas. Masks are optional this year for full-vaccinated guests. Our virtual queue time selection allows you to select your arrival time to reduce lines and help keep you safe.

Buy a PhotoPass
for $5 to See Your Scare Photos

Bringing your ``bros`` or ``galpals`` to the Fear Maze? Get up to 20 reaction photos from a scared spot inside our maze or with our friendly demon, Doug.

Buy a PhotoPass
for $5 to See Your Scare Photos

Bringing your ``bros`` or ``galpals`` to the Fear Maze? Get up to 20 reaction photos from a scared spot inside our maze or with our friendly demon, Doug.

Grab a Drink
at Our Licensed Zombie Bar

For our 19+ guests, our fully-licensed Zombie Bar features beer on tap, cocktails, and hi-balls.

Our Monstrous Menu

Our monsters have been hard at work to prepare some carnival-inspired snacks for you including popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs and more!

Our Monstrous Menu

Our monsters have been hard at work to prepare some carnival-inspired snacks for you including popcorn, cotton candy, hot dogs and more!

Event Location

Our attraction is located inside the Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre. The check-in and entrance to the Fear Maze is located at the rear of 2616 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam, BC.

Buy Tickets Now

As with all ticketed events, we require you to present your vaccine passport in order to access our attraction. You must have 1 dose until October 23rd and 2 doses after October 24th. You can bring the printed copy or show a digital copy when you check-in. Thank you for helping keep everyone safe!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Experience

What can I expect from Vancouver Horror Nights: Fear Maze?

Adventure calls in this brand new event concept, where you will lose yourself into the thrilling world of Vancouver Horror Nights: Fear Maze. It’s an immersive adventure that takes you through 12 rooms and areas while you focus on your fear.

Vancouver Horror Nights features a full-service concession service with hot food, coffee, hot chocolate, and for adults features our very own Zombie Bar.

While no one can completely guarantee your safety, we’ve done all we can to keep you scary safe with an extensive COVID-19 plan.

You won’t be waiting in long lines as you reserve your time slot when you purchase your tickets. You will not be mixed with other groups and will enter the maze only with people in your bubble. There is no guarantee, however, that you’ll make it out alive.

Where is Vancouver Horror Nights: Fear Maze Located?

Vancouver Horror Nights is located at 2616 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam, BC

The actual maze is an indoor maze, located inside the Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre.

How long is the experience at Vancouver Horror Nights: Fear Maze?

Our experience lasts about 1 hour in total from park to scare.

You’ll begin your experience by queuing in a socially distanced attraction queue where you’ll stay together with your group. We never combine groups and you’ll enter the attraction with your own group only.

Since we use a virtual queuing technology, your time slot is shared with a very limited number of people.

Then, get ready to focus on your fear as you navigate through our maze that features 12 rooms of terror. Note that guests will be required to walk 1 block to the attraction, up and down stairs throughout the attraction, which due to the stairs is not wheelchair accessible.

The maze itself takes between 8 minutes and 15 minutes to clear, depending on how scared you get and how fast you walk.

Will There Be Interaction with Performers?

Yes, our performers will be interacting with you — but will not touch you.

Our attraction features jump, shock, and other sudden scares that for the most part are done from a 2-meter distance. All of our performers are wearing a face covering under their costumes or have been fully vaccinated to keep you and your group safe.

Will There Be Strobe Lights or Other Special Effects Used in The Attraction?

This experience contains sequences of flashing lights that may affect customers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photo-sensitivities.

We also use laser effects, haze and fog machines, loud noise-making effects, strong scents, and an intense UV light canon, as well as other effects.

Guests who are sensitive to these types of effects should exercise caution before entering the attraction.

You know your limits, be honest with yourself about whether you should attend or not. We have a less intense version of our maze from 11 am to 4 pm every day where many of these effects are switched off.

Will There Be Food and Beverage Service at Vancouver Horror Nights: Fear Maze?

Yes! Our executive chef Pieter Van Meenan has really done it this time with some amazing carnival-inspired food options. You can view our menu online.

We also offer coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, etc., all with “adult” versions fearing alcohol and liquors. We also have a full-service bar on site.

What Will I Find Inside the Vancouver Horror Nights Fear Maze?

Nice try. All we’ll say is that the maze is filled with the things that go bump in the night and the things that cause most people to experience fear.

What Are you Doing For COVID-19?

A lot, actually. Our whole event is designed around our COVID-19 Safety Plan. Your safety is very important to us, so please take a moment to review our COVID-19 Safety Plan and follow the rules. Additionally, all guests will need to show their vaccine passports to be admitted to the attraction.


Where Can I Purchase Tickets?

Tickets are available from our website only. To keep things COVID-19 safe, we ask that you please purchase your tickets in advance so you can select your queue entry time to reduce our lines at the attraction.

A limited number of in-person tickets are available, but you will be assigned the next available queue time and will not be permitted to enter the queue until your queue time arrives. Avoid disappointment and purchase your tickets online now.

In-person tickets cost 20% more than tickets purchased online. 

How Many People Can I Bring?

We don’t have a limit on the number of tickets you can purchase, so long as they’re all purchased in the same time-slot, all your friends can come with you.

When standing in the queue, we ask all guests to stand in groups of 6. Don’t worry, your friends are right behind you… sure… yeah, it’s totally your friends and not a terrifying monster.. we promise. Be sure to keep your group together as we will not wait to advance you into the attraction.

Seriously, keep it to 6 guests standing together. When you’re admitted to the maze, only a limited number of people are allowed inside at one time to keep the maze scary and to preserve social distancing. What? You’re afraid of separation? See.. it’s already working.

What is the VIP Ticket All About?

Our VIP ticket is a special pass that allows you to skip the queue entirely and come straight to the front door of our attraction without waiting in any lines.

Many people have been purchasing VIP tickets to avoid contact with strangers as much as possible.

Will There Be Food and Beverage Service at Vancouver Horror Nights: Fear Maze?

Yes! Our executive chef Pieter Van Meenan has really done it this time with some amazing carnival-inspired food options. You can view our menu online.

We also offer coffee, lattes, hot chocolate, etc., all with “adult” versions fearing alcohol and liquors. We also have a full-service bar on site.

Ahhh! I lost my ticket! What Do I Do Now?

Not to worry. You have several options.

You can use our dead.. err, I mean, our LIVE CHAT feature by clicking the chat bubble on the right of your screen and ask that your tickets be re-sent to you.

Don’t forget, we sent your tickets to your email, so check there!

If all else fails, bring a government-issued photo ID to the attraction and we can look up your reservation upon arrival, but this will delay your check-in, so try to locate your tickets before attending.

Do I Need to Print My Ticket

It’s not necessary to print your tickets. We can scan them directly on your mobile device. Just open the PDF in the email we sent you and have that ready for check-in.

Remember to sign your waiver before you arrive.

Can I Pay For My Tickets With Cash?

Sorry, no. We cannot accept cash payments for tickets due to COVID-19.

I Was Late, Too Scared, The Line Was Too Long, I Can't Attend, Can I Get A Refund?

Sorry, we do not offer refunds for any reason. We are happy to work with you to rebook your booking on an exception basis if a manager approves the rebook. Just visit our check-in desk or our live chat for more details.


Where is Parking Located?

There is parking available all around our attraction in free City of Port Coquitlam lots, on the street on Elgin Avenue. There is also a large parking lot 1 block away at 2680 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam, BC.

Open Google Maps and search for Parking Port Coquitlam to display all the parking locations close to our entrance at 2616 Shaughnessy Street, Port Coquitlam, BC.

Is Vancouver Horror Nights: Xtreme Fear Maze a Kid Friendly Event?

The Xtreme Fear Maze is recommended for ages 13+. Younger children may come at their guardians/parents’ discretion.

The maze is designed to be scary, with lots of blood, gore, scare effects, a huge cast of monsters, and features special effects, scares, and scenes or horror that may not be appropriate for everyone. Remember, it’s designed to be scary. Keep that in mind when bringing your children.

Is There A Dress Code? What If It Rains?

There is no defined dress code for our event. Remember, October can be cold once the sun goes down, so dress in layers.

It rains, on average, 14 days out of the month in October, which you already know because you live here. Bring an umbrella just in case — we’re open rain or shine.

Are Face Coverings Required to Attend The Event?

If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, it is not necessary for you to wear a mask while outside, inside our Zombie Bar, or standing in line. For everyone’s safety, we do ask that you wear a mask when you enter the maze. It’s a request, not a requirement at this point. We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and may amend this policy at any time.

How Long Should I Expect to Wait to Enter the Fear Maze?

On busy nights, or when it’s damp or raining, it can and will take up to 1 hour to enter the maze, so please plan accordingly. Remember, your queue time limits the number of people you will stand in line with at one time, it doesn’t guarantee you entry at that time. If you want to enter the attraction faster, you’re welcome to explore our VIP option, which guarantees instant access to the attraction upon your arrival.

What If I Arrive Late?

Due to the overwhelming popularity of our event, and because we require assigned virtual queue times, latecomers will not be admitted to our attraction. You have a 25 minute grace period built into the queue time you selected, make use of that to avoid disappointment.

Is Vancouver Horror Nights Wheelchair Accessible?

We’re very sorry, but because our event includes stairs it is not wheelchair accessible. Next year, we’re working on a more accessible event that will be, in part, wheelchair accessible. Check back next year. Thank you for your understanding.

I've been standing in the line too long, what are my options?

Our attraction is thrilling, scary, and popular. If you’re here on a weekend, we understand that things are going to be very busy and that you might be waiting in our line for a while. Remember, when you book a time-slot, that is your entry into the line to get into the attraction, not necessarily your time that you’ll be guaranteed admission. How quickly you get inside will depend on how many guests are in front of you in the queue. We aim to get all guests through as quickly as possible.

If you’re been here a while, and you’re wondering what your options are, you can:

  • – Play a game on your phone, listen to music, and relax while we get to you — it won’t be that long. Remember we have on-site concession and bar service until 10 PM each and every night
  • – Ask us to rebook you (for free) to another night during the week when it will be less busy. You can do this at the check-in desk or via the live chat bubble on the bottom right of your screen — we’re here to help
  • – You can purchase a VIP upgrade package for $50 per ticket (in addition to what you’ve already paid) to get instant access to the attraction. You can upgrade to VIP at any time by visiting our check-in desk. You’ll then be taken directly to the maze and will be the next VIP group admitted, guaranteed. VIP sales end at 10 PM nightly.

We thank everyone for their patience and for coming to our attraction.

I have a time-slot reserved, does that mean I'm guaranteed to get in at that time-slot?

No, your time slot is for entry into our socially distanced line-up. You will still need to wait your turn to enter the maze. Of course, you’ll only enter the attraction with your group and will not be mixed with other groups.

Our queue selection time means you won’t be standing in line with hundreds of other people, but you will need to wait your turn to enter. If you want to skip the line, you can upgrade your tickets to VIP tickets, which allow you to skip the line completely and be the next group inside.

Are Masks Required?

Yes! A mask is required to enter the attraction. We ask that you wear your mask while inside the attraction. Wearing a mask in our queue or Zombie Barr & Cafe is optional, but recommended.

You’ll also be required to use hand sanitizer before being permitted to enter. Do your part to keep everyone safe and stop the spread of COVID-19.

If you forget your mask at home, we have masks for sale for $2 on-site.

Do I have to have the BC Vaccine Passport in order to enter the maze?

Yes, by order of the Provincial Health Officer, you must present your vaccine passport for entry to the fear maze. The requirements to enter are:

Between October 1 and October 23rd, you must have 1 DOSE of the vaccine

Between October 24th and October 31st, you must have 2 DOSES of the vaccine

What if I do not have a BC Vaccine Passport?

If you are unable to get vaccinated in time, the law requires that we don’t allow you access to the event. If you cannot provide satisfactory proof of having received a vaccine, you won’t be allowed entry.