Vancouver’s Best Haunted Attraction for 2020

We're the Best Family Halloween Event in Vancouver for 2020

The Boogeyman Bash is our night-time terrifying maze, made kid-friendly. We switch off all the animatronics and remove all the scary monsters and replace them with video projections to keep things COVID-19 Safe. The attraction is rated good for kids but is geared towards our younger fans from approximately 6 to 12 years old. Keep in mind this is our horrifying night-time maze with the lights on. This means that there is a scary playground scene, ``dead`` bodies, and a scene with blood and gore on the walls, so it's not necessarily good for very young children that may be frightened by these attractions. Parents are the best judge of what their kids can handle.

Everyday in October from 11 AM to 4 PM

Buy Tickets: 604-944-4488

Explore Our Maze
- Without the Fear

We turn down the scare-o-meter on our terrifying maze and make it fun for kids. There are no jump scares, air canons or super-spooky effects turned on during the Boogeyman Bash.

Sing Along with
our Jack-o-Lantern Jam

Jokes, stories, and sing-a-longs, our pumpkins sure have a lot to say. Jam out toward the end of the maze with Jack and his friends.

Bop with the
Boo Crew

Inside a haunted TV inside the maze is a new kind of show for kids. The Boo Crew features lots of songs and hilarious interaction between 3 non-scary ghosts.

What's Halloween Without

Optionally, parents can purchase candy for their kids to receive at the end of the maze. Rush home with your candy haul that comes in a pre-sealed bag (COVID-Safe). A great way to avoid disappointment if your kids shouldn't be trick-or-treating their year. Add a bag (or 3) during your check-out.

Get a Spooky
Family Photo with PhotoPass - Just $5

Just before you enter the Boogeyman Bash, get a scary Halloween photo with our monster friend Doug. This is optional if your little ones are too scared of our monster. He really is friendly.

Have an Incredible
Halloween Contest

Even with COVID-19, you can still have an amazing Halloween! We welcome all our family guests to come in costume from 11 am to 4 pm. There will be prizes for the best family costume ideas.

Don't Forget The

Bring the family for our carnival-inspired food, including burgers, hot dogs, churros, and more! Concession is located at the entrance to the attraction.