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Directions to Vancouver Horror Nights

Getting to Vancouver Horror Nights is easy! 

We’ve located at Coquitlam Centre Shopping mall: 2929 Barnet Hwy, Coquitlam, British Columbia.

The entrance to the event is located to the left of the Scotiabank entrance (to the left, around the corner). Just follow the signs. Our entrance is outside the mall and is only accessible from our outer doors. You cannot access VHN from inside the mall.

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Uber & Lyft

Lyft, Uber and other car-sharing apps provide a convenient way to travel to the park and be dropped off at the Main Entrance loading zone. Use the Lyft Fare Estimator or  Uber Fare Estimator to learn more about the cost of each service.



There is plenty of free parking at Coquitlam Centre. There is no extra charge for parking at VHN, unlike other events.



One of the best ways to get to VHN is on the Skytrain, especially if you’re planning on enjoying drinks at our Zombie Bar & Cafe. VHN is located just outside Lincoln Skytrain station, so we’re really easy to find. We’re also accessible by bus; Just board any bus bound for Coquitlam Centre.

VHN is located directly across from Lincoln Skytrain. Here are some different ways to get to us.

If you’re facing the Scotiabank Doors (East Entrance):

  1. Go left
  2. Pass Ardene
  3. Turn Right at the Corner;
  4. There you’ll see our doors;

If you’re at the Tim Horton’s doors, you’re really close, follow these directions:

  1. If you’re facing the Tim Hortons Doors, turn right and continue past [email protected];
  2. Turn left at the corner of the building and continue to the 3-way stop;
  3. Go through the 3-way stop and make your first left into the parking lot;
  4. You’re now in our parking lot;

Remember, you CANNOT access VHN from inside the mall.